Luxe Skincare with Real Results

Innovative, luxe, aesthetically beautiful, targeted skincare masks all made from hand-selected ingredients. All of our products are designed to be used as a treat for your skin alongside your usual skincare regime.

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Our luxe skincare products are categorised into six unique ranges Each range targets specific skin results and has its own benefits. Below is an overview of each of the product ranges, to help you decide which product will best target the results you are wanting to achieve, to ensure the best skin solution for you!


For those wanting thorough, non-negotiable hydration.

The Hydrate: Skin Drink is the ultimate hydration mask treatment for the skin. This bio-cellulose mask is designed to retain a high volume of serum. The mask acts as a second skin, fitting perfectly on the skins crevices, allowing the serum to absorb whilst letting the skin breathe. The specially selected ingredients help to increase the skin’s hydration levels.



For those with pimple-prone skin, aiming to clean, clear and heal any kind of blemish, acne spot, or pimple.

Blemish: Spot Treatment is a breathable spot treatment that absorbs secretion, reduces the redness and swelling of spots, promotes the healing of pimples and protects acne from being affected by any further dirt or contaminants. This treatment includes 100+ spot treatments. Use one spot treatment per affected area, and continue use until blemish has healed.



For those wanting a complete deification for the skin- to feel cleansed and nourished. Use if you experience redness, blemishes, pimples, breakouts, impurities or scarring.

The Beautitox is a five day treatment that helps refresh, cleanse, and revitalize the appearance of your skin. This cleanse contains five masks, all of which are made from silk and have their own unique scents, properties and beauty health benefits. Use one mask each day at any convenient time, and continue this for five days.



For those wanting to extract and eliminate blackheads, whiteheads and thoroughly cleanse or minimize pores.

The Black Extract range comes in two different forms:

The Pore Peel is a liquid mask that, when applied to the face, dries and peels right off, extracting with it dirt, grime and blackheads that are built up deep within the pores.

While the Nose Pore Purifier is gel nose-shaped mask that, when applied to the nose, naturally opens the pores to help cleanse the pores of impurities, dirt and grime.



For those wanting to tighten, plump, brighten and glow! Allow the powerful combination of collagen and 24 carat gold to seep into you skin naturally.

The Collagen Cleanse range comes in three different forms- each of which are three day treatments: 

Face Tightener which helps to replenish elastin back into the skin to slim and tighten the face. 

Eye Brightener helps to replenish moisture and hydration into the under eye to help tighten and brighten dark circles and bags. 

Lip Plump which helps replenish the collagen into your lips leaving them full, luscious and plump.



For those wanting to brighten, glow and illuminate the complexion. For a natural pre-makeup glow, or a luminous all night long post-makeup look.

The Illuminate range comes in two different forms- both of which include 5 masks to be used whenever you want your skin to glow.

Face Illuminator which is an illuminating mask treatment for the skin that enhances the face’s overall glow and radiance.

Highlight Illuminator which is an illuminating mask treatment for the skin that enhances and highlights the top of the cheekbones to enhance the skin’s glow.

Use one mask prior to applying makeup for a luminous finish, or use without makeup for a natural glow.

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